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  • As you know, we have had a struggle to adequately serve our food bank clients this year.  One of the things that has helped considerably has been receiving fresh produce. This resource was introduced to us from a former client.

    The problem is that the produce must be picked up the evening before it is delivered to us.  That means in hot, hot summer months and in the very cold winter months it has to stay in their van all night and some of it spoils.

    I am looking for 2 men who could come over to the church the evening the food is picked up to unlock the door and help unload the heavy boxes of produce.  (I prefer men for safety's sake in the evening.)  The woman who delivers it would call before she is ready to leave the warehouse. I have someone for Thursday nights, but need a person for Sunday evenings and one of Tuesday evenings. If this is something you can do, please call the office (303-429-1569) and leave a message for me, Lynda. 

    Your help could save us from having to throw out much needed food.


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